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Casino Relocation

Tule River Tribe

  • Established in 1873, the Tule River Tribe Reservation covers almost 85 square miles of rugged Sierra Nevada foothills.
  • Tule River Tribe has more than 1,900 Tribal Members.
  • The Tribe offers a myriad of services for its members including child and health care.
  • The Tribe also owns 40 acres in the Porterville Airport Industrial Park and 79.9 acres in the foothills scenic development corridor along Highway 190.

Proposed Relocation

Approximately 17 miles from the current location, the Project Phase 1 Includes:

  • 2,000 Seat Event Center
  • River Steak House
  • Coffee House – Grab-N-Go
  • 24  Hour Diner
  • 1750 Slots
  • 20 Table Games
  • Sports Bar & Grill

Phase 2 Includes:

  • 125 Room Hotel
  • 20,000 Sq Ft Banquet & Conference Space


Eagle Mountain Casino

  • Eagle Mountain Casino has been in operation for 25 years.
  • The Casino:
  1. Currently employs approximately 460 people.
  2. Pays more than 1.3 Millions in state and local taxes and fees
  3. Donated millions in cash and in kind to Porterville and Tulare County.
  • Limits access due to the winding roadway with a high propensity for accidents and flooding.
  • Will be converted to provide education and health services.

Why Move the Casino

  • Tule River Tribe has ties to the proposed location
  • Stays in Porterville Community.
  • Significant economic benefits.
  • Public safety and community improvements.
  • Repurpose the existing casino.
  • Relieve existing water usage & drought concerns for Reservation residents.

Tule River Tribe Ties to Proposed Location

  • Uses ancestral lands owned by the Tribe.
  • Tule River Tribe lived in the region dating back to time immemorial.
  • The Tribe procured the lands more than a quarter-century ago.

Significant Economic Benefits

  • New jobs with fair compensations will be created as a direct result of this proposed project.
  • During construction, the project will create hundreds of temporary jobs and millions in annual wages.
  • following the construction, approximately 300 full and part-time additional jobs added.

Repurpose of Existing Casino

  • Expand existing Tribal school site.
  • Offer more health services to Tribal Members.
  • Move Tribal offices to consolidate Tribal government.
  • Cease gaming but maintain some food and restaurant options for Tribal Members.

Stays In Porterville

  • The proposed location is approximately 17 miles from the current site.
  • No impact on any existing worker at the Casino.
  • Additional economic benefits will come back to the community.
  • Convention and venue space will allow for more conferences to held locally.
  • Proposed Casino Resort are more accessible to the residents of Porterville.

Public Safety & Community Improvements.

  • Existing Roads to Casino is more dangerous.
    -Dozens of accidents is reported on the roadway.
    -Frequently floods during heavy rains.
  • The new facility offers community amenities including a banquet hall, outdoor stage, and convention space currently unavailable in the city.
  • Reclaimed water will be used & wastewater will be recycled for irrigation and other purposes.
  • A new fire station will be built on the proposed site and the existing fire station at the reservation will continue to operate.

For More Information

Eagle Mountain Casino contact:
Matthew Mingrone
General Manager
(559) 788-1891

Proposed Casino, Project Manager contact:
Ralene Clower
Executive Director, Gaming Commission
(559) 781-3292 ext.1701


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