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Wildland Division

Protect and enhance the Tribe’s unique forest, wildland, and watershed resources.


Serving the Tule River Tribe.

Tule River Fire Department Structure branch was established on June 3, 2006.

Starting out in 2006 was an Engineer and 1 Firefighter staffing a Type 2 Engine. In 2007 staffing was increased to 3 personnel (Engineer and 2 Firefighters) and began to operate a BLS ambulance. In 2009 staffing increased to 4 personnel on at one time (Engineer, 3 Firefighters). Current Staffing includes 14 full time fire personnel: One Fire Chief, One Battalion Chief (B.C.), Three Fire Captains (F.C.), Three Fire Apparatus Engineers (F.A.E.) and Six Firefighters (F.F.). Each trained as a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. Three shifts (A, B, & C) working a 48/96 schedule include, four personnel are on duty staffing a 2011 Pierce Arrow XT PUC Type 1 Engine, Ford F-550 Rosenbauer Type IV Patrol, and a 2010 Ford F-350 E-Series Basic Life Support Ambulance serving the Tule River Indian Reservation  24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Tule River Fire Department Wildland branch was created 12 years ago. Staffing includes Four full time positions: One Fire Management Officer, One Assistant Fire Management Officer, Two Wildland Fire Captains; seasonal employment includes, five to seven personnel seven days a week, eight hours per day during the wildland fire season. During the fire season wildland personnel staff two fire engines; one Pierce type III and one Ford F-550 type VI. They are considered a national resource and respond to wildland fires on the reservation as well as within the United States.


The TRFD Wildland Fire Division is responsible for the following but not limited to; developing the general policy of the Tribe and determining the guiding policies of the wildland fire program; representing the Tribe’s interest in the management of Reservation and Tribal lands on the Reservation; carry out the mandates of the Tribal Council; protect and enhance the Tribe’s unique forest, wildland, infrastructure and watershed resources.

The program is a Public Law 93-638 contract between the Tule River Tribal Council and Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Tribe is funded through the BIA for wildland recurring preparedness budget and program operations in conjunction with a Cooperative Agreement (A17AC00003) for response to wildland fires, all risk incidents, and regional-national fire assignments.

The Fire Management Officer (FMO), Administrative Assistant, Community Development Specialist, and Tribal Finance department manages the Cooperative Agreement (A17AC00003) that is entered into by the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Pacific Region, and the Tule River Tribal Council. This Agreement provides a mechanism to reimburse the Tribe for non-recurring expenditures for actual costs in excess of program funding for wildland fire, fuels, and incident response management activities.

Fire season is usually May to October 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday thru Friday (depending on weather). Chief Santos is on call as duty officer 24hrs 7 days a week when not on leave or attending required trainings, conferences or meetings. During fire season depending on fire indices, fuel conditions, and fires, staff could be extended to 7-day coverage up to 14 hours a day.

Highlights and History; for the past couple of year our budget from the BIA has been less and less due to Congress cutting budgets across the board. With that being said, we are down to minimal personnel in the Wildland Division. We currently staff two type VI light engines and rotate personnel for off Reservation fire assignments to better their knowledge and gain fire experience in other fuel types and regions. 

FMO Supervises total staff of five employees 

Fire Management Officer/Chief- Zane Santos- Chief 9

Captain 696-William McDarment

Captain 694-Stordy Dick

Administrative Assistant-Melissa Prieto  

6 Returning Firefighters; Fred Burrough, Adrian Hernandez Jr., Charles Dabney Jr., Matthew Rios, Paul Vigil and Demetrius Ensign

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