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Future Generations

Promote healthy and strong future generations through educating and motivating the community.

Goals for the Future Generations Department:

• Increase awareness regarding drug & alcohol addiction
• Implement life skills to the youth & adults
• Encourage and motivate our youth to take part in higher education
• Increase the participation of family formation, to maintain strong family structure within the community.
• Increase Suicide and mental health awareness.


• Tule River Youth
• Positive Indian Parenting
• Drug & Alcohol Prevention
• Youth Substance Abuse Counseling and One-on-One
• Stay Clean Meetings
• Anger Management
• Youth Employment
• Youth Aftercare assistance




Groups and Clubs

  • Native American Club at (NAC) -Vandalia Elementary 4th-5th grade -Porterville High School, Monache Indigenous Club, Harmony Magnet Academy
  • UCLA Youth Conference & Basketball tournament
  • Youth & Adult GONA
  • C.A.S.T (cooping and support)
  • Native  & Wellness Classes
  • T-MAT Education
  • Tule River Boys & Girls Club
“We care about our community and those yet to be born. We know you care as well, so let’s work together to keep our future generations strong and healthy”
Future Generations was founded as a prevention program for the youth under the guidance of the Tule River Alcoholism Program (TRAP.)


Please contact Future Generations staff.

Future Generations Director: Willie Carrillo Ext: 2110

Youth Activities Leaders:        Project Coordinators:
Paul Brown     Ext: 2104              Victoria Ojeda    Ext: 2101
Teanna Ceballos                          Troy Nieto   Ext: 2115

Youth Outreach Counselor:
Rondii Nieto Ext:2111

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Phone: (559)782-5554

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